One short love letter for Astu.

You’re not my first love, son. Your father is! It’s true tho, if your father and I never fall madly in love or have courage to step into each other life as partner, you won’t be here.

You know your father’s amazing right? Yeah, me too! But I never tell him right away cause he’ll be like,”Iyalah! Yang lain cupu.” Meh.

But how about you little monster in stripes that currently sleep safe and sound beside me? You’re the most beautiful and sincere form of love that was born from us.

You exist in this world because we believe that our love need something grand to express; you.

Our love to you is bigger than ours combine.

It’s bigger than the double decker bus you love, even bigger than the fireman truck you adore!

It’s even way ka-chow than Lightning McQueen!

We look up to you so much, we even learn from you to be a better person. We wake up every morning and not giving up cause you show us how to be persistent. We never lose a slight of hope from this mad world and appreciate even a glimpse of kindness more so we can teach you the same. This world needs more love and kindness, Astu. As you grow up, you’ll see. You’ll understand. Why Cinderella’s mother quoted,”Have courage, and be kind.” Cause it’s all true. We learn to make amends from how you easily hug, kiss and laugh again after we made mistake at you.

The day you came into my womb, I know that there’s a life inside my body; is the day your father and I melt into that little universe called yours.

We might or might not be your first love either, since you’ll go soar above and beyond, to live in the path you choose.

But I’ll always remember this moment, when your little red lips kissed mine, when your sticky cheek pressed mine, and how your eyes sparkle whenever I called your name.

You’ll always be my little boy, baby.

You do.


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